With their origins firmly entrenched in Italian and French artisanship, and the faces of their brand – Lorenzo and Massimo – heirs to the Cifonelli Empire – presiding as the incumbent poster boys of bespoke tailoring, Cifonelli reside at the acme of all things sartorial.

But, as with anything in the realm of business, complacency has no place – expanding horizons is imperative in ensuring longevity and, in this instance, cementing Cifonelli’s position on the throne of artisanal menswear. Hence, Cifonelli’s ready-to-wear, made-to-measure and accessories collection – conceived in the mind of John Vizzone as he refracts the essence of the brand – originally embodied by Arturo Cifonelli and then his Grandson’s Lorenzo and Massimo – through the lens of modern fashion with all its drama and sex appeal.

The fruits of this labour is a collection of clothing that resides at the perfect nexus between the functional sensibilities of classical tailoring and the design-driven flamboyance of modern fashion – perfectly embodying Cifonelli’s core values, but imbuing the brand with a dark, mysterious and opulent allure not found in traditional tailoring. With an offering spanning leatherwear, knitwear, accessories and suiting, Cifonelli’s RTW and MTM arm is perfectly poised to satiate the desires of the modern consumer – who seek artisanal quality clothing, but harbour a simultaneous desire for instant gratification. Such is the dynamic nature of the modern market.

Make no mistake, such a feat is not to be taken lightly. Merely trading off brand value is not enough to actualise this global vision. By the same token though, it is by no means a cop out – not merely a profit grab by another conglomerate-lead luxury house. No. Cifonelli are approaching it differently – preserving their artisanal integrity and the very DNA that is so inextricably intertwined with their brand, whilst building a more scalable international luxury house whose brand value is being extended by this process, not diluted. Could they be the next global phenomenon – the next Louis Vuitton or the next Valentino? Naturally, they have a long way to go before reaching such dizzying heights, but it does seem possible, if not likely in fact. Only time will tell…

As part of their expansion and to consolidate the truly global nature of the brand, Cifonelli will be presenting their collections throughout Asia, hosting two exclusive events – one in Jakarta from the 31st of May to the 1st of June, and one in Singapore from the 5th to the 7th of June. All Enquiries should be directed to: louis.ialenti@cifonelli.com