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Co founder of The Sartorial Journal and co founding director of an Australian based MTM label, Aidan is an entrepreneurial and sartorial enthusiast, intrigued by the complexities of all things elegant.

The Cloakroom – The Zeitgeist of Modern Sartorialism

Though the sartorial renaissance has propped the world of tailoring up on a pedestal - conjuring thoughts of unrivalled resplendence, romance and opulence - the reality of operating a business within this realm is invariably different to what one may initially conceive. This is especially true of new entrants to the market, whose ventures don’t carry [...]

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AARCH – Fitting Like a Glove

The information age and subsequent digitalisation of the global economy have conceived a plethora of new businesses, with creative types and fashion enthusiasts taking the plunge to launch what they believe will metamorphose into the next global behemoth. And as if digital access to the previously impenetrable realm of manufacturing and production wasn’t enough, the [...]

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Marol – A Bolognese Treasure.

Recently, I made an attempt to traverse some of the idiotic misconceptions of ‘luxury’ products and the underpinnings of the industry in general by way of an article entitled ‘What Is Luxury?’ But despite lamenting the ubiquitous #luxurylifestyle shots featuring rented exotic cars and fake Chinese-market-bought Rolex’s, it was remiss of me to exclude what [...]

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Cifonelli – The Next Global Luxury House?

With their origins firmly entrenched in Italian and French artisanship, and the faces of their brand – Lorenzo and Massimo – heirs to the Cifonelli Empire – presiding as the incumbent poster boys of bespoke tailoring, Cifonelli reside at the acme of all things sartorial. But, as with anything in the realm of business, complacency [...]

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Bocache & Salvucci – When Two Forces Collide.

Within craftsmanship and more specifically, sartorialism, a proclivity for tradition exists – where things made under any methodology other than the traditional ones are automatically met with a degree of scepticism – their quality is called into question.  In many respects, this protectionist style of thinking aids the industry – elevating products of integrity above [...]

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What is Luxury?

Recently, some colleagues and I were privy to a menswear event celebrating the opening of a new store. Initially what piqued our interest was the swath of exotic sports cars parked out the front of the venue – from red Ferraris to yellow Lamborghinis. More interesting than the display of opulence however, was the way [...]

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Stefano Bemer – Firenze’s Finest.

There is perhaps no greater exponent of cinema as an art form than Daniel Day-Lewis – the veritable messiah of modern cinema – a man whose work has seen him venerated as a Knight Bachelor in 2014. But of what relevance to Stefano Bemer is Daniel Day-Lewis? Well, Stefano Bemer transcends shoemaking, just as Daniel [...]

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An Introduction to Men’s Fragrance – The Best in Class.

Fragrance accounts for some of the most prolific consumption within the luxury sector – readily available for purchase both online and offline, and in both mono and multi brand stores (often at discounted rates), it forms perhaps the most scalable portfolio in any brand. Due to the transient nature of the product, fragrance is priced [...]

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Loic et giL – a new entrant to the burgeoning accessories market.

Often, new entrants to the realm of menswear go drastically awry – especially in accessories – an area characterised by lower barriers to entry and an ability to reach scale online – hence, strong competition exists within the accessories market. Naturally, this is an area with relatively limited scope for product differentiation – unlike tailoring [...]

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An Interview With Mark Cho – a Face of Modern Menswear.

As was rightfully pointed out during Simon Crompton’s most recent Symposium at Pitti Uomo, The Armoury – co founded by Mark Cho, was one of the first stores to embrace the now popular multi-brand model within the niche artisan sector. As a modern day John The Baptist of sorts, the Armoury have since paved the [...]

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