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The Cloakroom – The Zeitgeist of Modern Sartorialism

Though the sartorial renaissance has propped the world of tailoring up on a pedestal - conjuring thoughts of unrivalled resplendence, romance and opulence - the reality of operating a business within this realm is invariably different to what one may initially conceive. This is especially true of new entrants to the market, whose ventures don’t carry [...]

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The Cloakroom – An Australian Made to Measure Luminary

Steeped in such tradition and rich history, the realm of sartorialism often conjures notions of elitism and aristocracy, which, as pertinent as such themes were in bygone eras, tend to obscure the true nature of the modern market.  Where once the much-fabled Savile Row houses were shrouded in secrecy without street-facing window displays, there has [...]

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Zimma Tailors – True Bespoke

With the advent of fast fashion and e-commerce, the art of bespoke tailoring and hand craft itself has been marginalized. The diffusion of technical knowledge has slowed somewhat, with the tailors of old retiring, and less youth pursuing tailoring as a career path. The issue is particularly pertinent in Australia, which as a country devoid [...]

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Ready-to-wear, Made-to-measure and Bespoke: Dispelling the Myths.

Despite all of its merits, the sartorial renaissance has birthed an influx of brands who operate exclusively on the back of fallacious and misleading marketing – obscuring the true nature of their service and products – particularly amidst the elastic (price sensitive) middle to low tiers of custom menswear. Hence the constant misuse of sartorial [...]

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