Marol – A Bolognese Treasure.

Recently, I made an attempt to traverse some of the idiotic misconceptions of ‘luxury’ products and the underpinnings of the industry in general by way of an article entitled ‘What Is Luxury?’ But despite lamenting the ubiquitous #luxurylifestyle shots featuring rented exotic cars and fake Chinese-market-bought Rolex’s, it was remiss of me to exclude what [...]

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Zimma Tailors – True Bespoke

With the advent of fast fashion and e-commerce, the art of bespoke tailoring and hand craft itself has been marginalized. The diffusion of technical knowledge has slowed somewhat, with the tailors of old retiring, and less youth pursuing tailoring as a career path. The issue is particularly pertinent in Australia, which as a country devoid [...]

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Shirt Collars – The Differences Explained

Much like the lapel of a jacket, the shirt collar is one of the most discernible elements of the garment, acting as a visual focal point whilst serving an undeniable functional purpose -  the collar can be cut to widen or slim the appearance of man’s face, whilst simultaneously framing the necktie knot. Construction  Building [...]

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100 Hands: Artisanal Shirts Without Compromise

As transparency in the realm of luxury fashion has increased – perhaps in part due to the nature of social media, and the now intrinsic desire of the consumer to discern real value in their purchases, artisanal brands have surged in prominence and popularity. The nature of the artisan is to eschew fallacious marketing and [...]

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Timelessness, Part One: The Overarching Principles

The notion of timelessness is such an integral facet of sartorialism, yet it often seems difficult to articulate and decipher what actually renders a garment timeless. The first article of this two-part expose on timelessness attempts to compartmentalise the overarching principles and benefits, whereas the second forthcoming article will attempt to contextualise how certain elements [...]

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