Bocache & Salvucci – When Two Forces Collide.

Within craftsmanship and more specifically, sartorialism, a proclivity for tradition exists – where things made under any methodology other than the traditional ones are automatically met with a degree of scepticism – their quality is called into question.  In many respects, this protectionist style of thinking aids the industry – elevating products of integrity above [...]

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Stefano Bemer – Firenze’s Finest.

There is perhaps no greater exponent of cinema as an art form than Daniel Day-Lewis – the veritable messiah of modern cinema – a man whose work has seen him venerated as a Knight Bachelor in 2014. But of what relevance to Stefano Bemer is Daniel Day-Lewis? Well, Stefano Bemer transcends shoemaking, just as Daniel [...]

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A Day Spent With Gianluca Bocache – Shoemaker Extraordinaire

Whilst the vast majority of us lament the time zone differential that comes with travel, for Gianluca Bocache – the veritable King of Roman shoemaking – it is embraced with enthusiasm – jet lag is a mere occupational hazard of conducting travelling trunk shows for 250 days of the year, which span every corner of [...]

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Review: Meermin Mallorca Shoes

In Australia, and perhaps more generally, outside of Europe, access to shoes of integrity (irrespective of price) is often limited, where instead, brands tend to espouse poor quality in construction and particularly, in design and style. However fear not this unfortunate predicament of limited physical access (by way of shop fronts), as many esteemed brands [...]

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The Taxonomy of the Brogue – A Modern Dilemma

The taxonomy of the brogue is subject to much confusion, with its constitution often ill adjudged. Quite simply, the term does not denote an actual shape or closure of shoe, but rather is a general term which describes any shoe which is constructed from multiple leather cuts, and is adorned with perforations throughout its upper. The [...]

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