The Cloakroom – The Zeitgeist of Modern Sartorialism

Though the sartorial renaissance has propped the world of tailoring up on a pedestal - conjuring thoughts of unrivalled resplendence, romance and opulence - the reality of operating a business within this realm is invariably different to what one may initially conceive. This is especially true of new entrants to the market, whose ventures don’t carry [...]

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Lapels: The Differences Explained

To some, the lapel may be an afterthought. However, in reality it is perhaps the most enchanting element of the jacket, not just a mere decorative adornment, but integral to achieving the very premise of the suit – to enhance the masculine form. It is quite a shame then, that the tactfully cut lapel has [...]

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Zimma Tailors – True Bespoke

With the advent of fast fashion and e-commerce, the art of bespoke tailoring and hand craft itself has been marginalized. The diffusion of technical knowledge has slowed somewhat, with the tailors of old retiring, and less youth pursuing tailoring as a career path. The issue is particularly pertinent in Australia, which as a country devoid [...]

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Ready-to-wear, Made-to-measure and Bespoke: Dispelling the Myths.

Despite all of its merits, the sartorial renaissance has birthed an influx of brands who operate exclusively on the back of fallacious and misleading marketing – obscuring the true nature of their service and products – particularly amidst the elastic (price sensitive) middle to low tiers of custom menswear. Hence the constant misuse of sartorial [...]

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Caruso – The Good Italians

Recently we had the pleasure of meeting Mr Alessandro Agazzi of Caruso menswear. Visiting Australia for the first time, Alessandro was here in a business capacity as part of his role as Global Sales Director of Caruso – an esteemed Italian manufacturer who have more recently fostered a reputation for their private label. The Caruso [...]

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Suit Guide: The Buying Rationale

Whilst competition in the marketplace certainly advantages consumers, the plethora of information (often misinformation) and products available in the sartorial sphere have rendered the simple act of acquiring a suit somewhat of an intrepid exercise - particularly as social media has birthed a multitude of companies operating in the space. Hence our attempt at traversing [...]

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Canvassing: The Differences Explained

Here in Australia, we see the perpetual bastardising of sartorialism through the insurgence of the now omnipresent ‘tailor’ - the majority of whom offer poor quality made-to-measure services via Alibaba sourced Chinese suppliers on the back of the internet-driven global economy. Cheap manufacturing and freight are conducive to substantial profit margins and an abhorrent lack [...]

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Interview with Mr. Christopher Modoo of Chester Barrie.

I recently engaged in a conversation with the Director of a social-media driven HR firm. He was particularly digitally aware and our conversation celebrated social media’s ability to connect people - principally those of a like mind, and often, in a commercial context. This rings particularly true for our relationship with Mr Christopher Modoo - [...]

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Super Wool – The Universal Standard

Whether you consider yourself an avid sartorialist, or simply harbour a passing interest in tailoring, chances are that you have encountered the term ‘super wool’ at some point or another during your menswear journey. But what does the ‘super’ classification actually denote? The ‘super’ and ’s’ prefix classification system was developed by the International Wool [...]

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Cifonelli ready-to-wear – a true sartorial marvel.

As those of you who follow us on Instagram, would be aware, we were recently granted the opportunity to meet with Mr Erwan Camphuis – CEO and President of the iconic Parisian tailoring house, Cifonelli, where we discussed the essence of the brand and in particular, the intricacies of their recently introduced ready-to-wear range. During [...]

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